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7 secrets of Facebook Messenger that you need to know

In this article, we have collected for you several tips for using mobile chat Facebook. In fact, this messenger is not as simple as it seems!

To date, Facebook has over 1.5 billion users, so if you need someone to contact, it is easier to do it in chat. This means that your mobile device is probably already installed the app Facebook Messenger, or soon there will appear. Therefore it is useful to know some secrets of this program.

SMS messages

Facebook messenger video call chat can be used not only to communicate with friends that have accounts in this social network. In the latest versions of the program can send and read SMS messages. So now the Messenger may take the place of the main instant messenger on mobile users ‘ devices.


Yes, a bot is the hottest we have today in Facebook. Since the announcement about turning messenger into a platform for bots, the developers have created them already countless. With the help of bots it is possible to order the airline tickets, to find interesting movies, read the latest jokes and much, much more.

A short video

Instead of sending boring text messages in Facebook Messenger, you can send a short video. To do this, press and hold the camera button to record video up to 15 seconds. Then click on the “Send” button.

Sports games

If all the words have been said, this does not mean that you will not find something to do in Facebook Messenger. After all, there are some interesting games that will not let you get bored. Find out who you should be playing chess. Check accuracy, throwing the ball to the basketball Hoop, and show how you can handle a soccer ball.


One of the most useful features of Facebook Messenger that lets you send someone your coordinates or the name of the place where you are now. You need to press the button with the three dots on the toolbar and then select “Location”.


Facebook Messenger is full of diverse and sometimes very interesting surprises. Sometimes the use of any smiley suddenly activates fun animations or, as I mentioned above, the built-in sports game. Try to send someone an Emoji in the shape of a heart and you will be pleasantly surprised.

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