Epicurious Recipes and Shopping List: Recipes on the Go

If you have ever visited, you know that this website houses one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly recipe sites on the web. Epicurious Recipes and Shopping List offers a database of the same great recipes on your iPhone.

Epicurious Recipes and Shopping List by CondeNet is nothing short of fabulous. With over 25,000 recipes from Gourmet, Bon Appetit and other professionals, you will not go hungry. You can browse recipes by category (like dessert or healthy lunches) or search by ingredient. You can also narrow down potential recipes via searching by cuisine type, special occasion, dietary restrictions and more.

Epicurious Recipes and Shopping List is convenient and easy to use. It helps you plan meals around what you have in the house, and it can create a grocery list for you. You can read user reviews of recipes, save your favorites and share recipes with friends by way of email.

At the grocery store yesterday, I wanted to buy the ingredients for a vegetarian entree that included avocado because I had one at home that was about to become too ripe. Epicurious Recipes and Shopping List gave me 72 veggie-avocado recipes on my iPhone from which to choose. I found one that I liked with good reviews, added it to my favorites, and emailed it to my friend who was coming for dinner. Then I let Epicurious Recipes and Shopping List make my shopping list. Easy-peasy.

Ready to cook that awesome recipe? Turn your iPhone on its side and your recipe can sit on your kitchen counter while you cook.

Epicurious Recipes and Shopping List is a tad slow when searching, but no more than you would expect from a database of 25,000 recipes. The app did crash once when I tapped too many buttons simultaneously, though that might be blamed on my overzealous, impatient nature. If ads bug you (they do not bother me), brace yourself for frequent reminders of Epicurious’ sponsors.

Having the ability to scroll quickly is the one thing I would add to Epicurious Recipes and Shopping List. If 241 recipes come up when I type “crab” into the search screen, I have to page tediously through all of them one at a time by swiping the iPhone screen. I will probably never see the recipes at the end of the list.

Take note, users, currently you cannot access your online account with this app so you have to start a new favorites folder on your iPhone.

Epicurious Recipes and Shopping List is everything I want in a recipe app. There are other good recipe apps such as the Betty Crocker Mobile Cookbook, but is tried and true for me. Since is the only recipe site I use online, Epicurious Recipes and Shopping List is going to be the only recipe app I have on my iPhone.

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