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GAIN Fitness Builds Custom Workouts for iPhone

Fitness is a multi-billion dollar industry. While there is an absorbent amount of “As Seen On TV” health and exercise widgets and gadgets, one look on the app store and one would notice that the fitness industry has taken over there as well. Not all good though. Finding an iPhone exercise app such as GAIN Fitness where workouts can be customized to the individual was quite refreshing.

The app features workouts based on certified trainers’ expertise and exercise science principles without the hassles of actually having to find a personal trainer. However, it’s always good to consult one from time to time. Beyond this, the app features over 700 exercises from strength and plyometric to calisthenic and yoga. Within these categories are thousands of combinations of workouts to suit just about everyone’s needs.

Upon launching the app there is a choice to sign in via Facebook or setup a new account. I chose to use Facebook and the signup was almost instantaneous after allowing the app to access my social account. From there, the app is no nonsense and jumps straight into customizing a workout. And it’s easy to do just that.

Tap on the upper left add sign and the GAIN Fitness asks about workout time, gender, location (home or gym), goal (health, weight loss, etc.) and several other key components to a powerful workout. After going through the quick setup process I clicked the build it button and the app allowed me to name my workout which I called “get off the couch”.

Since I’m coming off a running injury I chose to take it slow, picked a light workout and did it for 30 minutes. Based on the equipment I had at home (dumbbell, stretch band and exercise ball), it suggested several workouts for me including a quick warmup, band presses, band squats, jack knife sit-ups, band shoulder press and sit-ups for the main workout. Afterward, it selected a cool down set of mostly stretches.

I must say, I had a pretty good workout and when I didn’t know exactly what the exercise was, the onscreen diagram using a real human to show me worked very well.

Overall, the app worked nicely in that it took into consideration me wanting to workout at home instead of the gym as well as the amount of time I had. It also automatically calculates calories burned so I was able to focus on the workout. The app also kept an even pace for me and is able to move it down or up based on the person’s level of needed or wanted intensity. GAIN Fitness is the perfect workout companion.

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